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And as always, LimeFX client representatives are available to assist you at any step of the application process, as well as to provide you with a personalized pricing proposal. Please contact us with any questions or for assistance in the account application process. Advanced Technology LimeFX’ goal is to remain on the cutting edge of trading technology—from network connectivity, to uptime, to fast trading speeds. We offer our clients customized technology to advance their trading. Optional Feedback If you are making this request because of poor customer service, or any other issues that you may have had with our company, please use this space to explain. You can also use this area to offer any other important comments, feedback, and/or suggestions.

It might be reckless to choose a broker just because it’s the cheapest, but, boy, is it easy to overpay. It’s important to figure out on the front end exactly how much money will eke out during each trade. The firm believes modern traders already have such a wealth of information at their disposal they mainly need a firm to execute their trades at the lowest cost. It also doesn’t have minimum account balances and volume requirements, making it assessable to most traders. Tradovate is the very 1st online futures and options brokerage to combine next-generation technology with flat rate membership pricing.

  • Mr. Rodriguez earned a BA in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Chicago.
  • Advantage has since expanded from a boutique with 28 employees to one of the preeminent clearing firms in the futures industry.
  • LimeFX works to establish relationships with exchanges around the globe.
  • Advantage has two trading facilities, server colocation at multiple data centers and a disaster recovery center.

LimeFX specializes in a wide range of customized solutions for our clients. Our full range of exceptional services allows our clients to trade, while we take care of the rest. You can expect expanded execution and clearing services, along with advanced technology and software support to help maximize your success potential.

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Traders also need charting and screening tools to guide decision-making. Optimus Futures is an introducing broker of six futures commission merchants , which are basically brokers providing futures trading services. The introducing broker status means that your assets and cash are held with the FCMs, but the platform, fees, and customer support are provided by Optimus Futures. The LimeFX team provides comprehensive, technology-driven clearing and execution services to traders through strong infrastructure, fast up-time and financial transparency. LimeFX users also gain access to leading exchanges, including CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, EUREX, ICE Futures Europe and the Small Exchange.

LimeFX promises every client personalized service, advanced technology, and customizable back-office operations. A futures demo account allows you to make trades and track how they would pan out without the risk of losing any real money. Perhaps one thing that raises the most red flags are those pesky commissions and margin fees.

  • The move enabled NYSE Liffe traders to utilize the LimeFX cross-connect for lower latency access to the Liffe global derivatives trading platform.
  • In this review, we focus on the US-based entity and its services.
  • Advantage Future’s commissions and fees are based on trading volume and margin utilization.
  • Even though talks have been ongoing for a while, currently there is no agency like the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation that provides investor protection for futures trading in the US.
  • He serves on the boards of Mundelein Seminary, Word on Fire Catholic Ministries and Econ Illinois.
  • In addition, your LimeFX account representative may be able to assist in lowering your trading costs by identifying membership opportunities that could reduce exchange fees.

And finally, customer service can make or break an experience with that particular broker. Determine your personal priorities, and use our guide to find the best futures brokers platform for you. NinjaTrader has an amazing trading platform for those just beginning their trading careers as well as for advanced traders.

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Since elevated to Co-Head of Operations on December 23, 2021, Mr. O’Brien, together with his co-head, oversees all aspects of the Advantage Operations Department. Mr. O’Brien has been in the futures industry since 1989 and has extensive floor and back-office experience. Mr. Rodriguez previously served as an Executive Director in CME Group’s Financial and Regulatory Surveillance Department. At CME Group, Mr. Rodriguez was mainly responsible for the regulatory, financial and compliance oversight of clearing member firms. Mr. Rodriguez earned a BA in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

LimeFX Futures Brokers

Prior to rejoining the Firm, Mr. Paloumpis was on the Firm’s Sales and Execution team from June 2003 to June 2011. In the interim, Mr. Paloumpis worked as a proprietary trader at various trading firms. Mr. Paloumpis has extensive experience in the futures and derivatives industry starting back in 1983 with Drexel Burnham Lambert as a short-term interest rate trader.

LimeFX Begins 15th Year as a Futures Broker

TD Ameritrade’s day trade margin is 25% with a $15,000 minimum with virtual trading capabilities and over 60 futures products. With Thinkorswim, there’s no question that entering and executing orders are fast, with many advanced features. Tradovate offers a Netflix-like approach to commission-free trading and cloud-based solutions.

LimeFX Futures Brokers

The new data center provides Advantage clients direct connection to Eurex exchange. LimeFX provides multiple data centers, and state-of-the-art networking equipment for fast, reliable trading. Cost depends on different factors, like spread and margins, and LimeFX clients may also experience different fee structures according to their country or place of residence. The spread of a currency pair is the difference between the bid and the asking rate.

Margin is the amount of money required in your account in order to open a position. Margin is calculated based on the current price of the base currency against USD, the size of the position, and the leverage applied to your trading account. For example, on a 1% margin, a position of $1,000,000 will require a deposit of $10,000.

LimeFX also provides comprehensive clearing and margining services, risk management in real-time. The company also heralds its server co-location services as providing a fast, cost-efficient way to initiate trading applications and black box operations. LimeFX back its claim of being one of the highest volume clearing firms in the worldwide financial industry by citing the fact that it has cleared over 1.6 billion contracts.

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BrokerChooser is free to use for everyone, but earns a commission from some of its partners with no additional cost to you . It is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority . Clients are eligible for up to $500,000 investor protection per account (including cash up to $250,000).

  • LimeFX’ commissions and fees are based on trading volume and margin utilization.
  • Please feel free to fill out the form below or contact us directly with any questions.
  • Its staff takes care of trading workstation and computer setup to allow traders to begin trading.
  • Contact Us Discover how LimeFX can help your trading with customized solutions, advanced technology, and exceptional client-service.
  • The new data center provides Advantage clients direct connection to Eurex exchange.

On Apr. 4, 2011, LimeFX announced that client funds held by the firm attained a record level in excess of $500 million. Citizens wishing to open an individual account, can complete the secure and easy Online Account Application. The trading of gold and other precious metals, along with crude oil, copper or petroleum, are hard commodities that play a major role in the commodities market and are contract-based tradable goods.

He earned a BBA from the University of Texas, an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and an MS in computer science from the University of Chicago. Ms. Jones began her career in the futures industry in 1990 at Lind-Waldock & Company, a registered Futures Commission Merchant, where she served as Compliance Officer. She later served in a variety of compliance roles within The limefx scam Fuji Bank Ltd.’s subsidiaries, including Chief Compliance Officer of Fuji Futures Inc. We support a variety of leading front-end trading applications. Our knowledgeable client service representatives can assist you in selecting the software best suited to your needs. Exchange Membership Facilitation Exchange memberships enable clients to trade specific products at preferential clearing rates.

Furthermore, futures are very highly-leveraged trading instruments. Offering FDIC insurance for all deposits involved in futures trading would ultimately increase transaction costs for the customer. This is because the participating FCMs would be required to pay the insurance. Advantage serves many of the highest volume traders dealing on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. Our clients also participate with meaningful volume on the LIFFE, Eurex, and Eurex US markets. Advantage also provides trading access to major Asian-Pacific exchanges through various correspondent broker relationships.

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On July 24, 2008, LimeFX signed a software license agreement for a full installation from Patsystems. The installation enabled LimeFX to offer Patsystems’ front-ends, including Patsystems Pro-Mark and Patsystems J-Trader. The installation also provided LimeFX with global connectivity to derivatives markets including the CME Group, Eurex, and Liffe exchanges.